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View code of Extension Objects in RTC

If you have some experience working with NAV extensions, you would know that once an extension is installed for a tenant you cannot see the objects in Developer environment. NAV stores these objects in table 2000000150 (Nav App Object Metadata). Using the way from my previous blog, I was able to modify the page from that blog to also show objects of extensions. Check it out here.


You can download the objects for this demo from here.(Google Drive)


Usage and Screenshots

  1. Import the objects and Open RTCcode1 (Page 50502)

2.Select required Code Type and the object you want to see the code of from ‘NavAppObjectList’ subpage.

3. Press GetCode Action

Code of that object will be displayed in ‘Code’ control




  1. This is an interesting feature, although possibly dangerous.

    Out of interest, do you think that if an ISV has code in an extension, this would basically make that source code accessible to anyone who has access to the development environment, regardless of normal object number permissions?

    1. Hi Ian, If they have a dev license then yes. Although I haven’t tried to replicate this on a newer version of NAV with Extensions 2.0 It could be that they have patched this now. Will try on Nav 2018.

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